Chapter 15 comic book

Updated: 1/6/2021
Chapter 15 comic book

Storyboard Text

  • Sophie finds David in the woods after he was beaten up by people of the Fridges. When David wakes up, Sophie and him are reunited. She brings him back to her cave / home.
  • Oh no, David!
  • Sophie and David talk about what has happened to them since the last time they saw each other. David stops talking with Sophie to ask Michael about what has happened.
  • It's been so long, how are you?
  • David comes in contact with Michael and asks about Rosalind and Petra. After David finds out they are safe he wants to know what is happening with the Walnuk troops.
  • Yes, Rosalind and Petra are fine. They're sleeping right now. 
  • Michael, are Rosalind and Petra safe?
  • Where are you? What have I missed?
  • Yes, we are on our way. - Sealand Woman
  • Are you coming here? - Michael
  • David listens to Michael and the Sealand woman have a conversation about whether she is still coming.
  • David tells Sophie about Petra and Rosalind. He wants to go save them but it would be to risky for him to go, so Sophie says she will. She leaves once Gordon is gone.
  • Come with me.
  • Sophie returns back to the cave and David, Rosalind and Petra are all reunited.
  • Rosalind! Petra!
  • David!
  • David!