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Updated: 4/21/2020
School project
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  • "You really killed him, huh, Johnny."
  • "Yeah, I had to. They were drowning you, Pony."
  • Ponyboy(main character) is a greaser that right now is running away to cool after a fight and his best friend Johnny follows him and he decides after a bit to just walk to the park and walk back
  • when they get to the park they get jumped by 5 Socs and the leader Bob asks one of his friends to drown Pony and Johnny pulls out his switchblade and kills Bob. after that they run to a party where their friend Dally is.
  • gone with the wind
  • when they get to the house buck dallys friend answers the door and they ask for dally and dally comes to the door and they explane what happend and he brings them to a empty room gives ponyboy a new shirt and gives they money and a gun and tells them to get on a freight to windrixville and go to an old abandoned church.
  • so johnny and pony found the freight and get on and they aren't seen they spend the night on the freight and in the morning johnny woke up pony boy and they both jumped off. when they did they went to ask someone where the church is.
  • once they got to the church they isolated them selves and cut their hair and also cutting their ties with the greasers.
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