Outsiders - Ponyboy
Updated: 2/9/2021
Outsiders - Ponyboy

Storyboard Text

  • Ponyboy Curtisboy/male "light-brown, almost-red hair"greenish-gray eyeslonger hair in front and sides, cut more in the backnot very tough lookingshort14 years old
  • Ponyboy Curtissmart likes likes books and movieskind
  • doesn't think before he does things (impulsive)doesn't like being treated like a kidgood at describing thingsmature
  • "Like he's never hollering at me like Darry is, or treating me like I'm 6 instead of 14"Ponyboy is telling about how he doesn't like being treated like a child and how Darry is to harsh on him.
  • Ponyboy is good as describing the other boys in the gang. He describes Soda as "movie star kind of handsome" and says that Soda is not as tall as Drarry and he is slimmer too. He says that Soda has a finely drawn face and dark golden-hair.