Culminating Project P2
Updated: 6/11/2020
Culminating Project P2
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  • Total Wellness
  • Total Wellness Includes: - social wellness - mental wellness - emotional wellness - stress - stress management - friendships - relationships
  • Communicate
  • ...
  • Texting and Calling is also communication
  • M1
  • Physical Wellness and Setting Goals
  • Physical wellness is: - exercise/ physical activity - nutrition - hygiene
  • 4 Health-Related Components of Physical Activity: - body fat composition - flexibility - muscular endurance - cardiovascular endurance
  • M2
  • Assessing Health and Fitness
  • Cardiovascular Training: - your body's ability to get oxygen and blood to the muscles - pulse quickens - deeper breathing
  • Flexibility Training: - ability to move a joint through its whole range of motion - less risk of injury if you're flexible
  • Resistance Training: - improves your muscle fitness by exercising a specific muscle or group of muscles against an external resistance
  • M3
  • Total Wellness is so important, especially knowing how to handle stress.
  • Selecting Physical Activities
  • Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding What Physical Activity to Do: - What types of activities do you enjoy? - What sports skills do you have? - Where are your chosen activities offered? - What activities reduce your stress? - Which components of fitness do you want to improve?
  • M4
  • Having Total Wellness is Also Good For: - decreased risk of disease - live longer - may improve grades - increased confidence - better sleep - reduced depression - stronger and healthier bones
  • Setting goals is very important to your overall wellness, so make sure you make good ones!
  • Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Always remember to make SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound
  • M5
  • There are three main training types, cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility and they all are very important to overall wellness.
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity issues: - high blood pressure - excess cholesterol - type 2 diabetes - heart disease - certain cancers - breathing problems - sleeping issues
  • M7
  • When selecting a physical activity to participate in, take into consideration what kinds of people you want to be around, what you feel like doing, and what will make you feel the best afterwards.
  • Try to Take Into Consideration: - health conditions - personality and attitude - reason for participation - environmental considerations
  • Follow and learn from these facts to have the healthiest life!
  • Common Injuries: - muscle strains - muscle sprains - blisters - shin splints
  • How to Rest Injuries: - Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation
  • Different Body Types: - ectomorph - endomorph - mesomorph
  • Nutrition is so so important to a healthy life because you need certain minerals and macro and micro nutrients to have a balanced and healthy diet.
  • ALWAYS: - choose nutrient dense foods - make sure you're eating enough protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains - look at the MyPlate guidelines
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