Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Bonzo, why are you so sad ?
  • MX.3 IAM system is terrible, I want to use my own external IdP
  • Allow me to disagree Bonzo, MX.3 IAM service is awesome and it supports external systems
  • Maybe you are right Bonza, but I'm in a web based context and my external system is based on SAML Protocol
  • hmm, and what is so special about a web based context ?
  • In a web based context I would like to redirect my users from MX.3 login to my IdP login page
  • aha, and where does SAML come in ?
  • SAML2.0 is the protocol used at my IdP's end
  • And will this SAML support be in demand for other customers of MX.3 ?
  • Indeed, the need for SAML is emerging in at least two use case: lifting MX.3 to the cloud, and usage of MFA
  • Then what are you waiting for ! Ask the awesome MX.3 IAM team and they will support SAML in no time
  • oh, you are right those guys are indeed the bestest, I will ask for a feature!