Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • The three witches tell Macbeth and Banquo theirfuture, that Macbeth will be king and the sons of Banquo also. When Macbeth finds out that King Ducan puts his son Malcolm as heir, he thinks he should murder him.
  • Macbeth, with the help of his wife's words, murdersthe king and forgets to put the dagger back. Wheneveryone finds out what happened, he goes back inside and murders the men responsible for anger.
  • When Macbeth becomes king, he orders men to kill Banquo but Fleance ran away. When he was sitting down in a royal dinner, he sees his ghost and panics because he is selfconscious.
  • When Macbeth goes back to talk to the three witches, his future is revealed and because they say a man not born from a woman would kill him and how a forest would move, he believed nothing bad was going to happen.
  • To help defeat Macbeth and save Scotland, Macduff asks for Malcolm's help and he accepts. Rosse also joins in alongside King Edward's army.
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