English Project

Updated: 9/30/2021
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • The SnowpocalypseJaxson White6B
  • It was a calm winter day in Pflugerville, Texas where it doesn't snow much, or at all. But this night was different, a cold front came in and started mixing with the usual rainfall we get. This resulted in the first winter storm we've had in years.
  • What a lovely night! We've never had this much snow.
  • Then suddenly the power went out with no warning which startled most of us.
  • Jeez, that scared me haha.
  • But then the problems started presenting themselves...First up no WIFI.
  • Then the next problem, no heat, this started making us stressed
  • Mommmm its already 40 degrees in here.
  • The next day arrived and our water is shut off. No more hot showers, washing hands, tap water, or using the toilets.
  • Oh this couldn't get any worse!