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The Call to Adventure
Updated: 10/27/2020
The Call to Adventure
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  • Ayame woke up in a place where she has never been in. She inspected the room for 15 minutes. A person came in. A person, who looked like a servant. The stranger asked her to follow her.
  • Ayame agreed to come. As she was walking with the person she realized that she doesn't have her grimoire.
  • She felt enormous mana as she takes a step.
  • As she went to a room, a person looked happy by Ayame's presence. The woman who had seemed like her age introduced herself. Her name is Fana.
  • Oh right.. Here's your grimoire
  • Ayame asked why she couldn't use her magic. The woman answered, "We sealed off your magic.. Just this one time." Ayame was in shock. 2 other people came in.
  • Thank you.. ?
  • Fana introduced the other 2 people. The guy with yellow-blonde hair is Vetto. The man with short black hair is Ryha.
  • They greeted her like Ayame was their old friend whom they've never seen in years
  • ...
  • Ayame noticed that they all had pointy ears as her. She found out that all of them a hated humans.
  • Yes, Ayame was uncomfortable with the people.. Why? They were the people that kidnapped her of course!
  • If they were to attack the Clover Kingdom, Ayame would have the chance to escape.
  • Ayame stuck around for the last 3 months. She later developed there trust. She had heard that they were going to attack the "humans."
  • This had gave her hope on running away back to her village.
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