Crusades SOLE
Updated: 2/4/2020
Crusades SOLE
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Storyboard for the Crusades SOLE.

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  • The Crusades were conflicts between the Muslims and the Christians that occurred between 1096 and 1270 CE. There were 10 crusades with 4 of them being the main crusades. They were fighting for the holy land in Jerusalem.
  • ,The first crusade started in 1096, when the Muslims took over the Holy Land which included Jerusalem. They formed four armies of crusaders led by Raymond of saint gillies, Gedfrey of Bouillon and other leaders. This land had belonged to the Christians, so they wanted it back. Count Phonemic led a group of crusaders on a series of attacks on the Jews in various towns which caused outrage. In may 1097, the crusaders and their byzantine allies attacked Nicea, the Seljuk capital in Anatolia . The city surrendered. They ended up regaining Jerusalem
  • The second crusade began in 1147. The Christians called for another crusade led by the great rulers king Louis Vll of France and king Conrad lll of Germany. They attacked the Syrian stronghold of Damascus with an army of 50,000 people. The Damascus ruler called Mural-din for aid and the combined forces defeated the crusaders ending the second crusade in 1149.
  • The third crusade started in 1187, after Saladin started a campaign against the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. The reason this started the third crusade is because the campaigns caused outrage. Later, in September 1192, King Richards forces defeated Saladin in the battle of Arsuf. Finally, in September 1192, Richard and Saladin signed a peace treaty that reestablished the kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • The fourth Crusade was the fall of Constantinople. Pope Innocent III called for a new Crusade in 1198 which made power to struggle between Europe and Byzantine which changed their mission to topple the reigning Byzantine emperor. The new emperor tried to submit the byzantine church to Rome but met stiff resistance. Finally, in response to what had happened, the crusaders declared war with Constantinople which resulted in the fall of Constantinople.
  • Those where the four major crusades the first, second , third, and fourth. They all played and important role in getting to the end of the war between the Christians and the Muslims. They had to accomplish a lot and they did during those times making them have a very big impact and important.
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