Odysseus transformation 2nd set
Updated: 12/17/2020
Odysseus transformation 2nd set

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  • omg i cannot believe they did that to you. we are going to go try another family and lets hope they are better people
  • it is ok, the next house one of us are going to go in instead of you, we cannot risk losing you, you are our leader
  • i am so sorry guys i dont know what happened in there i thought they were a nice family and the cookies were so good i couldnt get a hold of myself
  • i am going to go in and let's hope that this family is nice and will let us stay
  • hi thank you for letting me in. me and my crew need somewhere to stay for a week, it would be amazing if you could let us stay
  • 1 hour later...
  • thank you so much for letting us stay here, my teammate told me that you guys are such nice people
  • wow this is such a nice room for us to stay in! hopefully they wont try to do anything to us
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