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Updated: 10/2/2019
ss project
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  • Paleolithic time
  • How can we get food conveniently?
  • *Sigh*
  • When will the hunters come back? we are starving.
  • Agriculture revolution
  • Why didn't we think of this before?
  • Tweet!
  • Now we don't have to walk a long way just to find a few berries.
  • Neolithic age
  • We can maybe stop farming and do other jobs!
  • How do we eat all of this food?!
  • We have too much food!
  • During the paleolithic ages, people didn't have a permanent home because they had to keep moving around to find food those people were called nomads. While men hunted animals, women gathered wild plants such as berries. But once the food around the area was all used up or destroyed in a storm, the people moved to a different area.
  • Villages/jobs
  • People discovered a very good and efficient way to farm food without having to go very far distances to find food and bring home to eat. This is the agriculture revolution and people started to plant trees, fruits, or wheat. People also domesticated wild animals to get food and materials from.
  • Building communities
  • I will give you a unlimited supply of fish for a year for that bucket.
  • After the agriculture revolution, people started to live in permanent homes and had barns to have domesticated animals live in. But people had surplus food so they stopped farming and focused on doing a different job. The paleolithic times ended and the neolithic ages started.
  • Law making
  • Now because people started to live in permanent houses, groups of people lived in a small village usually near rivers or anywhere where farms can grow. And people could fish for more food if they lived near on by a river or a body of water. And jobs were introduced so different types of people could do different things and get profit. Some hunted while others did fishing, farming or tool making.
  • Wow! I love fishing!
  • As communities started to build, people started to trade things with other people. Such as a fisherman asking a farmer for a bucket and a unlimited supply of fish for a year in return. Now people with a specialized job could trade with, say a farmer for food. But trading is not the only things communities did. Communities also had jobs, celebrations and lots of other events.
  • Sure!
  • As communities started to build up, laws were needed to be made. There were robberies and law breakers. So the law made those kind of people go to jail for a certain period of time. There were those who went to jail but some people broke the law so much, they had to be eliminated. The law is to make sure people do the right thing. If there were no laws, the world would be in a very bad position.
  • Why did I even do that?
  • What have i got myself into?
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