Updated: 2/3/2021

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  • Counsellor
  •  Annual Student Included IPRC
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Guardian & Student
  • Extra-Curricular Teacher
  • Admin
  • SERT
  • DI this lesson Ignore what I'm doing with the rest of the class
  • UD this lesson, but on Wed & Thurs you will miss it for pull out
  • Have you made any friends? 
  • Use Wikipedia to find facts about Africville. THEN compare this community with Halifax. (You can use the textbook, handouts, & class notes for info on Halifax)
  • Student/ Family involvement at the IPRC is minimal. Teachers usually present a list of ideas (which is good) but the student and their family have limited say unless they really push for it. Teachers usually present a list of accommodations for the student to choose from. Goals usually determined by the teacher or professionals and the student/parents usually have to agree. There is an illusion of student input/choice because teachers don't know how to encourage it.
  • In order to accommodate extra supports, the student is often removed from the classroom. For many students. pullouts happen during extra-curricular subjects where they miss out on exciting learning opportunities. Additionally, the constant pulling out of the classroom coupled with different tasks can make the student feel isolated and impact their sense of self and sense of belonging in the school.
  • We all know that learning needs to be culturally relevant for the learners. In recent years initiatives from the ministry have brought better awareness of common misconceptions in education. While these initiatives are great it's not uncommon for teachers to feel uncomfortable with these new expectations and materials. As a consequence, culturally relevant material is skipped, treated as a choice task, or done poorly/inaccurately, It is a teacher's responsibility to become well versed in this material to ensure all learners have access to learning,