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Matter and Change prodject
Updated: 9/24/2020
Matter and Change prodject
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  • Hello I'm Bill Sky, today I will be walking you through everything MATTER & CHANGE!
  • If you add some heat you get water, this is a physical change that changed the ice to a liquid.
  • If you add even more heat then it becomes water vapor, another form of water after a physical change.
  • This is ice, it is the solid form of water.
  • This is burning wood, it is a chemical change because you can no longer turn it back into wood.
  • This is a cake, it has gone through a chemical change because the yeast is no longer yeast, it is now bread.
  • A physical property is something that you can feel or touch for example the hardness and color of something.
  • This phone is grey and green and it is made of hard plastic.
  • A chemical change has to do with the components inside of a certain thing, this includes flammability and toxicity
  • This is poison and the toxicity has do do with the components its made of.
  • The wick in this candle is flammable
  • A diamond is a pure substance, because it is composed of atoms if one kind.
  • One way you could separate this heterogenous mixture is by making a big filer in order to separate it through filtration.
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