Napoleon Bonaparte
Updated: 1/8/2020
Napoleon Bonaparte
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  • My son, then gained even more praise when he harshly suppressed a royalist up rising. He had packed buckshot and shrapnel into cannons and opened fire upon the mob, killing more than a thousand people. And as a reward from the government, he became the head of France's army in Italy.
  • I was born on the island of Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean sea. I have Italian Heritage, which is my first language, but I equally know how to speak French. I am was recently enrolled into the French Military School. I was excelled at battle strategy and tactics, and soon gained attention from the French Government.
  • I continued to lead successful military campaigns and eventually, I was a popular and politically influential in France. But then I was defeated in 1799, by the British, so I went back to France, hoping my defeat was not known there. With two Directors, I plotted and succeeded in overthrowing the Directory, and got control of the government, and made myself Emperor.
  • I created the Code Civil, or the Code Napoleon. It had created great influence among the people of France, and not only that, but of other nations that I conquered. I created the National Bank, I created a Public Education, schools or Lycees. I also created the Uniform Tax Code, which created a more balance system, and Public Works with new roads and sewer systems.
  • I had a thirst in battle glory, I signed a treaty with England in 1801, but it fell apart in mutual distrust. I was defeated in 1805 by the Austrian and Russian forces at the Battle of Austerlitz, with the dissolving of the Holy Roman Empire. I created another war in 1807 against Spain and Portugal, and I put my brother Joseph in charge. The people engaged in a guerrilla war against the French troops, until my defeat in 1814. This defeat weakened the French strength and made a constant distraction.
  • I was frustrated with my failing efforts to defeat the British, so in 1806, I created The Continental System. This system was an attempt to hurt the trading of Britain and their economy by placing an embargo on Britain's manufacturing giant, which was the fact that Britain was so reliant on trade. But, this system really just hurt my allies more than it hurt Britain.
  • I became allies with Russia but the alliance was strained, Czar Alexander I openly traded with Britain and abandoned the Continental System, in which I threatened them harsh and grave consequence should it happen again. i invaded with Russia with my army, but soon Russia had new tactics, which led to the fall of millions of my soldiers. I was able to capture Moscow, but soon after, we were forced to retreat. I left with 40,000 of my men, and I was in defeat and I was exiled from Europe.
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