WW2 IP#3 Vincent Lawson
Updated: 1/28/2020
WW2 IP#3 Vincent Lawson
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  • Well first off Germans bombed Us and Tried to take our southern coast, then they bombed airport runways and radar.
  • But our Air force was too strong, then Germany launched a large bombing attack on London September 15, 1940.But they could not defeat us and we won.
  • Since the start of the Battle of Britain on July 10th,1940 what all has happened?
  • lookout surprise bombing attack!
  • but its December 7th, 1941 its so close to Christmas!!!!
  • This was a complete surprise Japanese fighter planes and bombers dropped bombs and torpedoes on our war ships while the fighter planes attacked the US fighter planes on the ground... Here comes the second wave now i hope they don't destroy all our ships.
  • what was the turning point for japan in WWII?
  • it was the Battle of Midway a four day battle from June 4th and June 7th in 1942.
  • The Japanese sent fighter planes and bombers to attack... the us sunk three of the four Japanese aircraft carriers the us carrier ship sunk the last Japanese carrier ship but also sunk itself. This was a major victory for the allies.
  • What was the turning point for Germany in WWII?
  • Battle of Stalingrad it was during the last part of 1942 and early 1943, The German air force started bombing the Volga River and the then the city of Stalingrad, but the Soviet troops Fought back attacking German soldiers ruthlessly. after the brutal battle the Germans surrendered on February 2, 1943, Hitler was enraged at his general for this. After losing the battle, the German they never quite recovered.
  • Whats was the turning point for Europe in WWII?
  • D-Day June 6, 1944 the Allied Forces attacked German forces on the coast of Normandy, France. The first wave was paratroopers,second stage was thousands of planes dropped bombs, warships began to bomb the beaches, also the French Resistance sabotaged the Germans then the allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, the Allies attacked and gained victory.
  • When did the Battle of the Bulge happen?
  • December 16, 1944 it took place in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium, this was Germany's last attempt to win the war. The American forces fought back and kept Germany's army from overrunning Europe, It was small groups of American troops throughout the front who dug in and held out until reinforcements could come that won the battle for the Allies.
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