The Great Depression and New Deal
Updated: 2/4/2021
The Great Depression and New Deal

Storyboard Text

  • When WW1 began, most of the food and supplies would be saved for solider while the rest would be left as rations for the people at home.
  • Military
  • Early 19th century
  • When the war started people were making the most money off of cotton so farmers ended up focused on cotton and didn't divisify.
  • Cotton
  • Early 19th century
  • After the cotton had been pick up by the farmers, it was sent to workers in industry and used to make clothing, blankets, bags, uniforms.
  • Late 1920's
  • Textiles
  • Early 19th century
  • During this time, farmers began growing fruits and vegetables because the demand was him for soldiers. They were canned in new canning factories.
  • Agriculture
  • Early 19th century
  • After the war cotten and materials weren’t needed as much so people began buying and selling stocks
  • Early 1920's
  • Stocks
  • 10 years later a sudden drop of stock prices occurred and people rushed to banks to take there money out. This would later lead to something worse... the Great Depression.
  • Stock market crash