Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • Hello, Marie, I am Sir Isaac Newton, physicist and mathematician, who helped develop the laws of motion. I have influenced the way the universe is understood through contributing to many fields, such as, physics, mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry. How have you impacted the world?
  • Hello, Isaac, I am a scientist much like you! In fact, I am known for my research in radioactivity and chemistry which I received two Nobel Prizes for! I was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but also the only person to have been awarded two prizes in two different sciences! My husband and I also discovered two new chemical elements called Radium and Polonium, which won us the Prize to begin with.
  • Hello Robert, I am Louis Pasteur, a man with much knowledge. I was a french biologist, micro biologist, and chemist. I also discovered vaccinations, which many kids will use in the future to prevent illnesses!! So, Boyle, how did you affect the future with your discoveries?
  • - A new idea can transform a society because it can open a multitude of possibilities for change and bettering the world as a whole. If people take action to their ideas then whole movements and inventions can be created.- The risks of accepting a new or different idea could be simply fear of the unknown. You never know if a plan is gonna work out correctly so you must go through trial and error to figure everything out.
  • -The scientific revolution is a change in both science and in thought because things were discovered that changed science as a whole forever. From new elements to laws of motion things came about that altered the world and our understanding of it as a whole.- The scientific revolution was a continuation of renaissance thinking because the renaissance was all about encouraging discovery, curiosity, and knowledge which is exactly what people did during the revolution.
  • Hey there, Louis, I am Robert Boyle, the Father of Modern Chemistry. I am known for the creation of Boyle's law which is the inversely proportional relationship between the absolute pressure and volume of gas. I am a proponent of the experimental method still used and studied today.
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