Cyber bullying EDN113
Updated: 3/9/2021
Cyber bullying EDN113

Storyboard Text

  • HAHAHA have you seen what I have been sending those humans
  • you look like a disabled marshmellow with that suit on
  • You humans are dumb thinking we didnt exist
  • No I havent let me see
  • That is horrible go apologise now
  • Have you been recieving those messages from Aliens too or is it just me.
  • yes it has been happening for a while now and they traumatize me.
  • I need to go apologise to those humans thats not what aliens are like
  • How would you feel if someone sent you those messages!
  • Humans I want to apologise for what was said and it wont happen again
  • I am very dissapointed in myself and promise it wont happen again
  • We forgive you aslong as it never happens to anyone again not just humans
  • How about a trip to our lair
  • Thankyou for your forgiveness, I hope we can stay in touch.
  • This place is sick we love it
  • Hey Beerus i'm Micky and this is Johhny
  • Thanks guys, And this is my friend Beerus