Chem. project
Updated: 3/26/2021
Chem. project

Storyboard Text

  • Fe
  • Ra
  • Nonsense, my kingdom will bless you with a dowry of electrons from this ionic bond
  • Isaac, you are to marry Vanessa to create an ionic bond and strengthen our kingdom
  • Xe
  • Ar
  • But I love Isabella, shes a nonmetal like me. We want a covalent bond!
  • He
  • Cl
  • I must warn Isabella!
  • They just want you to have a filled outer shell, they know you can't marry another nonmetal
  • H
  • My parents are forcing me to marry covalently
  • Maybe it is because our lewis structure doesn't have a charge and an ionic bond does
  • Welcome to the ionic bond of Isaac and Vanessa!The bringing together of helium and iron!
  • This ionic bond can not happen, I love another nonmetal!
  • But an ionic bond will give you electrons to fund your kingdom!