Updated: 3/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • where do you go to school
  • he goes to that faggot school down town .all they learn there is to be faggots.
  • i can kick your narrow butt any day in the week
  • you just gonna let him dis you like that ,man?
  • he don't have no choice. mess with me an the diablos will burn him up. ain't that right faggot
  • well he it is so why don't you come kick it ?
  • you better chill ; he hangs with some bad dudes
  • why don't you shut up
  • he don't hang with nobody . he's just a lame looking for a name. ain't that right, Steve. ain't hat right?
  • yeah, and you will be , huh?
  • you ain't got the heart to be nothing but a lame . everyone knows that. you might hang out with some people but when a deal goes down you won't be around