Obama Prism
Updated: 2/12/2020
Obama Prism

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  • Background
  • h
  • Dream
  • Directed by:Max Phalon
  • Why This Dream?
  • My name is Max, and I live in Ringwood, New Jersey.My father works as an electrician at the Metropolitan Oprah House in New York, and my mom works at the Upper Montclair Country Club.
  • Obstacles To My Dream
  • One day, I would like to make movies, TV shows, short films, or even documentaries. What I want to do specifically, is either direct, produce, or even write for a movie.
  • How Will I Achieve This Dream?
  • I have always loved film, and it amazes me what a team of people can do when they work together. What got me on board with the idea, was when I watched Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. Once the movie was finished, there was a behind the scenes bonus of how they made the movie. I was impressed by what they were able to do, I decided then and there that's what I want to do.
  • Some obstacles that might get in my way are not having any experience with making any films or projects. I am also blocked off by the fact I don't fully understand how to pitch ideas to studios.
  • To prepare myself, I am taking the Video classes here at Lakeland, and plan on going to colleges who teach film, like Seton Hall University or Montclair State University. I also plan on making short films with friends over my summer breaks and entering them in film festivals.