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Federalists V.S. Anti-Federalists
Updated: 11/10/2020
Federalists V.S. Anti-Federalists
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  • My name is Alexander Hamilton and I am a Federalist. I believe that we should have a strong central government because we need someone who can enforce the laws.
  • Federalists were supported by the Wealthy, North Urban, Merchants. They wanted the new Constitution, didn't want the Bill of rights and believed Constitution has limits, a strong central government, and they wanted an executive branch to enforce the laws. We also believe that the Supreme Court is weak.
  • Anti-Federalists were supported by the rural, farmers. They wanted the Articles of Confederation and the Bill of Rights. They believed that the states should keep the power and not loose it to central government, a president is an elected king, and that the Supreme Court is too strong.
  • My name is Thomas Jefferson and I am an Anti-Federalist. I believe that we should have a Bill of Rights to protect the people .
  • They agreed that their new government was going to be the Constitution, but so that everyone was happy they also agreed to add the Bill of Rights to protect the people and their Individual Rights such as freedom of speech, press, religion, etc.
  • We agree to have the new Constitution, but there will also be a Bill of Rights.
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