Updated: 2/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Serbia killed the heir of the Austro- Hungarian throne!
  • Ahhhhhh!
  • They will pay for this!
  • Austria declared war on Serbia!
  • YES SIR!
  • Are we ready to help Sebria!
  • 28 June. The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Bosnia and Austria blames Serbia for the killing of the Archduke.
  • Sir, Germany is demanding us to hold back from helping Serbia. What should we do?
  • What!
  • Austria declares war on Serbia and Belgrade (in Serbia) is bombed.
  • Sir, Germany declared war on us and they are beginning to move towards France
  • Okay, Sir!
  • Warn France!
  • Britain told them to withdraw from Belgium but the remain
  • The Russian army gets ready to help Serbia defend itself against the Austro-Hungarian attack.
  • Germany declared war and are invading Belgium
  • Germany, Austria’s ally, sends a demand to Russia ordering it to hold back from helping Serbia.
  • Germany declares war on Russia and begins to move its army towards France, Russia’s ally.
  • Germany declares war on France and invades neutral Belgium. Britain orders Germany to withdraw from Belgium but the Germans remain and Britain declares war on Germany