Genghis Kahn
Updated: 12/17/2019
Genghis Kahn
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  • Genghis Kahn was born sometime around 1162 AD. He was givin the birthname of "Temujin" after a Cheiftan his father captured. The people in his clan thought he was destined for greatness, because he came from a very powerful bloodline, and had a special scar on his hand.
  • When Genghis Kahn was nine, his father was murdered my a rival tribe called the Taich'ut. He was murdered from eating poisenous foods given to him from the rival tribe.
  • At age Genghis Kahn, he married the woman he was poromised he would marry at age nine. Her name was Borte. They had four sons together. Genghis had many other soms with many other women, but Borte was considered his lover, and only their sons had the power to qualify for succession in the family.
  • Eventually, Genghis Kahn started to unite clans one by one with a small army made up of his brothers and most trusted clansmen. He would go to one city after another. He would destroy all divisions between his people, sometimes through slaughter, until the Mongols became one people.
  • Eventually, he confronted the Taich'ut people who killed his father. He won the battle, and to take revenge, he had every Taich'ut cheif boiled alive. Soon enough, he owned the most territory anyone had owned in centuries. He had been givin the name "Kahn", which meant universal ruler.
  • Many people thought his destiny was to rule the world, and many others thought he was the reincarnation of the supreme god of the Mongols. Genghis died in 1227 AD, and the cause of his death is not certian. We think it was from natural causes. His grave was hidden, and to this day, we have not found his grave.
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