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Updated: 3/9/2020
Storyboard project
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  • Rainsford is comparing the sea with a dinner plate to give an image to how flat the sea is.
  • .
  • Simile- Comparing two things using like or as
  • this water is as flat as my dinner plate.
  • Personification- Giving human characteristics to non-human objects
  • A yacht can't slap because it's not human. It's being givenhuman characteristic
  • sorry?
  • Why'd you slap me in the face.
  • The General thought that Rainsford wouldn't win the game because nobody has ever won. it's ironic that he won.
  • Nobody has ever beat the game
  • No!
  • Irony- Portray differences between appearance and realties or expectation result contradicts the expectation
  • Ha!
  • You won?
  • Foreshadowing- Uses clues to help predict future problems (makes suspense)
  • What was that?
  • Bang!
  • Ahh!
  • Rainsford heard gunshots and screaming in the distance. Which foreshadowed that he was going to the island.
  • Internal Conflict- Struggle within the person
  • I wish to leave the island at once.
  • Rainsford says that he wished to leave the island at once. His fear of being hunted made him want to leave more.
  • ...
  • External Conflict- Struggle that takes place between the character and an outside force
  • Why is it so hard to swim?
  • Rainsford is struggling with the sea as an outside force. The waves and it's hard to swim in the sea.
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