horror story 2
Updated: 9/23/2018
horror story 2
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  • An old man shows up out of nowhere. The kids let out a scream and the man tells them not to worry, he is just the graveyard keeper. He then tells him his name is David Schneider and he lived in this house when he was just a boy. The kids quickly remember the stories they have heard about David. They get more scared and rush back inside to tell their parents.
  • Later that night one of the kids, Annie, is laying down in her room. She feels the room get chilly. Next, her phone goes off and she sees a snapchat notification from someone with the username “hans_gunther21” she doesn’t ever recall adding anyone with that username. When she opens the snapchat the ghost of Hans Gunther jumps out at her through the screen and into Annie’s body. The ghost has left David Schneider and is now in Annie. 
  • Her brother, Andrew, sees Annie’s eyes flicker backwards. Andrew rushes to tell his parents but doesn’t want Annie to know he’s worried. Their parents don’t believe Andrew. That night when they go to bed, Andrew locks his door and hid under his bed.
  • Andrew woke up suddenly in the middle of the night to the sound of footsteps slowly walking toward him. He hesitantly opens his eyes to see his sister staring blankly at him. After a few seconds she slowly faded away. The next thing Andrew knew she was right next to him. 
  • When the parents woke up they found Andrew dead in his bed. The death of Andrew is a mystery still to this day.
  • The ghost of Hans Gunter is still lurking in the Mystic Creek Mansion today, hunting anyone who disrespects the dead.
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