Updated: 11/14/2020

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  • Okay kids, time to learn about Iodine!
  • Yay!!
  • Iodine is the 53rd element in the periodic table. It has 53 protons! It's a gas and a halogen!
  • Halogen means it will form a salt with metal!
  • Iodine is a nonmetallic black substance at room temperature, but it will sublime into a brilliant purple gas at room temperature! 1 atom weighs 126.9 amu. It forms ionic and covalent bonds.
  • So small!
  • It melts at 113.7ºC and boils at 184ºC
  • As a gas it can hurt your skin and throat so watch out!
  • Compounds of iodine: Iodine, hydroiodic acid, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, lithium iodide, Copper (I) iodide, ammonium iodide, zinc iodide, magnesium iodide hexahydrate, cesium iodide, strontium iodide, barium iodide, iodic acid, potassium iodate, sodium iodate, and calcium iodate. Wow! That's a lot.
  • So many!!
  • Compounds are when one atom bonds with other to make something new
  • Iodine is involved in a lot of reactions. It doesn't react with O2 or N2. It reacts with fluorine, water, bromine, and chlorine. Iodine also reacts with hot aqueous alkali
  • Iodine doesn't react with O2 but it does react with O3
  • Iodine is found in seaweed
  • And it's an important part of your diet
  • It's commonly found in salt to prevent iodine deficiency
  • It's used to prevent thyroid cancer
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