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Updated: 5/19/2020
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  • In Previous Acts...
  • I will never forget this Antonio. You will regret this one day.
  • Be gone, Brother! You are no longer the one in power. I am the new duke.
  • In Previous Acts...
  • I will get my revenge one day.
  • In Previous Acts...
  • Twelve years ago, Antonio managed to usurp Prospero. Which then forced him to flee with his daughter and go into hiding on an island. Prospero isffurious with this situation.
  • In Previous Acts...
  • Don't worry Miranda they are still alive.Ariel!! you know what to do.
  • Yes, master.
  • He was forced to flee his home with his daughter, Miranda. Lord Gonzalo was the only one that helped them escape.
  • In Previous Acts...
  • I love you
  • Prospero spent twelve years on the island perfecting his magic so he could have enough power to punish his enemies. Miranda gew up on the island with no contact or knwoledge of other civilization..
  • In Previous Acts...
  • Not on my watch.
  • We are going to kill the king.
  • One day Prospero decides to create a storm so that Alonso's ship could crash on his island. Miranda thinks that her father hurt someone but Prospero tells his daughter the truth. That he was once the Duke of Milan, but his brother Antonio took his position after Prospero trusted Antonio to manage his state. After the boat starts to sink Ariel ,Prospero's slave, is told to separate everyone and put them in different parts of the island.
  • Ferdinand is the son of the king that helped Antonio take Prospero position. When he and Miranda see one another they instantly fall in love. Prospero proceeds to give Ferdinand a hard time. He threatens and insults him. Prospero makes Ferdinand come with him to work as a servant.
  • On another part of the island Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian, Francisco, and the others try to look for Ferdinand. Once the night sets in they all try to fall asleep. Sebastian and Antonio say that they will guard over them. When the group falls asleep the two men start to plan how they willkill the king but luckily Ariel overhears them and wakes everyone so they could stop planning the murder of the king because it would then affect Prospero's plan of revenge.
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