Religion St. Basil
Updated: 2/19/2021
Religion St. Basil

Storyboard Text

  • Because...Umm. I don't know.
  • Why are you wealthy while that other man is poor?
  • Why? I worked for my money.
  • The silver that you keep hidden in a safe place belongs to the one in need
  • Because I received a bonus check from work for $5,000.
  • Declare to us the reason why you received them.
  • A rich man, who lives very comfortably in a penthouse in New York City, is talking to St. Basil Stark.
  • Someone who takes advantage of what they have and someone who takes something from other people
  • Who is a man of greed? and who is a cheater?
  • The rich man does not understand why he should give the possessions and money he earned to have to people who have nothing.
  • I guess I am. It looks like I have to start to change my lifestyle.
  • And are you not a man of greed? are you not a cheater?
  • St. Basil asks for the rich man to "Declare to us," which means declare to me and God as to why you bought all of these objects?
  • Thank you so very much sir. You are truly a generous man!
  • Here is a warm jacket for the night time and some money for food and drink.
  • Many are those whom you could have provided for, so many are those whom you wrong.
  • The rich man gives a substantial answer back to St. Basil, but it seems he does not think he is a greedy cheater of a man.
  • When St. Basil asks the question, the rich man realizes that he has to start giving what he does not need to the people who truly need it.
  • The rich man now appreciates what he has and gives back to the people who truly need it.