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English Project
Updated: 10/2/2018
English Project
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  • The Bell Jar By: Silvia Plath
  • I cant believe I won!
  • Hi I am Elly Higginbottom and this is Doreen!
  • Hey Lenny, I bet you won't go talk to those girls!
  • Hey Betsy! I can't believe this is the first banquet I've attended.
  • This banquet they hosted is so fancy!
  • Esther Greenwood won a writing contest by submitting an essay, granting her a one month stay in New York City, with all expenses plus more paid for.
  • I feel so sick. I can't move a muscle.
  • One night on the trip, Esther went to a bar with one of her friends, Doreen. There, they met two guys who asked them to share a drink, Esther feeling uncomfortable in her situation, decided to walk back 48 blocks back to the hotel, while Doreen stayed with one of the guys. 
  • Can't believe the trip is over, feels good to finally be back!
  • Esther didn't exactly enjoy all the given options offered to them while in New York. However, when Doreen began hanging out with the guy from the bar, Esther decided to go to one of the banquets with another one of her friends from the trip, Betsy. This shows Esther trying to get herself more envolved with everyone, although she didn't enjoy the banquet as much as Betsy
  • It feels like so long since we have talked!
  • I know I have missed you so much!
  • The day following the banquet, Esther was extremely sick. Come to find out, all the women who attended the banquet were all very sick because the crab they had been served the night before contained food poisoning. This scene set an overall tone of how the trip was like for Esther, to her is seemed the more she put herself out there, the more she was shut down.
  • Esther returns to her dorm where she is looked down on by most of her roommates for being younger than them. Things change when a boy named Buddy Willard shows up to see Esther. Seeing the two together changed their point of view because Esther was hanging out with someone who wasn't a loser, like they all thought she was.
  • Buddy and Esther go on a date, there is a lot of irony to this section of the story, because Esther used to love Buddy, but now that he wants to marry her, she no longer has feelings for him. Buddy and Esther's relationship continue down a bumpy path that Esther isn't very content with.
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