Unknown Story

Updated: 10/26/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Zebra is helpful.
  • Ask for Mrs. English..
  • Zebra is nice.
  • What happened to him?...
  • Zebra is polite.
  • Zebra is caring of others.
  • what Mr. Wilson -um- did in Vietnam?
  • "... Appreciate the advice," he said." (Potok 72)"Where's the school office, Adam?" "On Washington Avenue. Go to the end of the street and turn right.""Thanks," the man said." (Potok 71)
  • "For a flash of a second, Zebra thought to ask the man what had happened to him. The words were on his tongue. But he kept himself from saying anything."(Potok 71)
  • "Mrs. English, is it okay to ask Mr. Wilson-um-did in Vietnam?" (Potok 81)