Early humans storyboard
Updated: 9/11/2020
Early humans storyboard

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  • Can you tell me Some things about early humans?
  • Sure!
  • Archaeologists lab
  • Some of the early human species are the australopithecus afarensis,Homo sapiens,and homo neanderthalensis.Some of them lived in caves like this one!
  • Wow! I didn't know that!
  • !Did you know that 6 Million Years ago they started to walk upright,2.6 Million Years ago they started to make tools and were able to hunt,and 800,000 years ago they had control of fire like this one!
  • Tell me more about early humans!
  • A worker on java island.
  • The place of The first reamains of a early human found were on java island,Asia in 1891
  • Who found them?
  • 47
  • How archaeologists identify early humans is by figureing out the age,meaning of articfacts,and finding things like tools,or fosslis.
  • I didn't know that either!
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  • 45
  • Some people belive in evolution because there is scientifc proof But some dont belive in evolution because religon tells them its not real
  • I agree with the theory that evolution is real because there is scientifc proof