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Updated: 2/9/2021
dis for school

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  • Diet
  • MEAT!
  • plants
  • settlements
  • better plants
  • during the paleolithic they almost only ate meat but during neolithic they started to plant plants and eat them because it was a lot easier to do and i made them live longer
  • breeding
  • after the paleolithic era once they discovered plants where easier to live off of they started making settlement sense they were no longer nomadic
  • population
  • once they found out they could cross breed plants putting multiple plants together to go better crops to get better food which was crazy at the time because some of the world still relied on just meat
  • government
  • during the neolithic period they started to domesticate which helped them live even longer sense during the paleolithic they still only ate meat which wasn't as healthy as what they started to produce
  • during the paleolithic era there was a decent size population but it wasn't to great after they started getting better food and protection form the elements in there house
  • population 500,000 (my estimate)
  • they started to have people govern there town and settlements because if they didn't they all have killed each other or faught just like back in the paleolithic era where they would kill each other for food