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Updated: 3/12/2019
Unknown Story

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  • So tell me Daniel, how has been your career?
  • It was been amazing! Me and my friends are enjoying soo much!
  • And your social life?
  • Well, that's the bad part, I cannot go outside my house , there is so many people waiting for me
  • Oh, I see, I don't think that is easy to confront
  • Yea, is a little bit frustrating...
  • Well, another topic. Where have you being for doing concerts?
  • Well, In Mexico, Argentina, Spain many times, because I'm from there, and in Colombia
  • Oh, amazing! So I guess you are a famous singer in South America, that incredible, congratulations!!
  • Yea, I think so, thanks!!
  • Well, I think that's all! Thank you very much for being here!
  • Your welcome, that you for inviting me!