Updated: 9/2/2021

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  • My Planet
  • Hello Im Ana And Im here to tell you about jupiter.
  • Jupiter's Time.
  • Jupiter Was discovered in 1610 what a long time ago
  • Jupiter is it in or is it out?
  • Jupiter is a outer planet.
  • Jupiter Is A outer planet and can change climate hot to cold!
  • Jupiter to its moons!
  • Jupiter has 67 moons thats alot.
  • Did you know a year on jupiter is 12 years on earth!?
  • Jupiter hot and cold
  • Jupiter has two neighbors uranus and neptune.
  • The end of your jupiter tour
  • Did you know that jupiter has no solid surface.oh look at the time lets rap it up see you in space!
  • Jupiter is the largest planet out of all of them.
  • jupiter is made out of gas.
  • Jupiter can be hot or cold just like earth.
  • Bye!