a day in the life of emily
Updated: 1/30/2021
a day in the life of emily

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  • Around 7:00 am on a friday
  • RRRING!!
  • ughhh it can't be morning already???
  • 10 minutes later..
  • i normally eat cereal in the morning or sometimes i make myself breakfast.
  • 7:30am
  • Good morning
  • I then go to the living room where all my sibling are and i go on social media or Netflix.
  • Around 8:30am
  • good morning class
  • i go back to my room and get ready to go to class.
  • good morning!!
  • Every Saturday or Friday i go to visit my grandma.
  • I usually stay the night at my grandmas house.
  • hi mom i missed you!!
  • hey gradma we came!!!!