Math Project
Updated: 3/10/2021
Math Project

Storyboard Text

  • HEY!! Can somebody help me? I need directions!!
  • Hey! I can help you find where ever you need to go.
  • Okay sorry, I am in a rush and I am just a little tired.
  • Really!? Thank You!!
  • Okay, but you will have to calm down.
  • This is the map of homes, offices, and factories.
  • I need to go from here, the offices, to the factories but how far is it?
  • Hold up what!? Im not following!
  • Well this diagonal line between there is called a hypotenuse and by using Pythagoras theory...
  • And you square it (16 miles2) Than you take the side length (3 miles) and you square it (9 miles2)
  • The theory is a2+b2=c2 or in similar terms if you take the longest bottem side (4 miles)