Scientific Storyboard
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Storyboard
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  • My greatest achievement, well that would be my optics and mathematics, but as well as the laws of motion. I believe that my research will affect how physics and mathematics will be used in the future. I believe it may seem like a struggle but i promise, there is a reason for my madness.
  • My greatest achievement would be the Boyle's law. I believe that my research over the years will affect how people experiment with gas and temperature.
  • My greatest achievement, would be discovering the microbes that were responsible for souring alcohol. As well as heating up beverages to destroy the bacteria! I believe that this will help the future by being able to purify water and not get sick.
  • I am most known for they discovery of two elements, polonium and Radium, also establishing more education in my native country poland. I believe that with my achievements there will be more opportunities for education and scientific discoverys with the new elements
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