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Updated: 4/25/2020
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  • well..I think it is finally time to change my appearance. I'm nervousness but also excited and maybe I can try to get a job and cut my long hair like the young lady I saw and maybe go to a club later... OK yes it's happening the new Mary is happening there is not turning back.. wow the 1920's is something else.
  • 1920's slang-Berries - is attractive or pleasing; similar to bee's knees, As in "It's the berries."
  • My clothes my hair It sure is the berries! Maybe the world is realizing us women have rights and a voice as well and just not a baby sitter who stays home all day! This change needed to happen and hopefully there is more to come for us ladies
  • shop 20
  • hi John the name is Mary. Thank you I also love the new look I got! Also I could use a cup of coffee right now let's go sit down and talk
  • Hey.. nice to see you again the names john. You sure did surprise me with the new look, it suites you.you look Spiffy well what do you say I invite you to a coffee to chat some more
  • 1920 slang-Spiffy - An elegant appearance
  • k-cafe
  • Mary wakes up and she looks out the window finally after many years she opens her curtains to look outside and she takes a deep breath out realizing it wasn't a dream and what happened yesterday happened! Mary looked at herself through the mirror and decided she needed new clothes plus mary has been wearing those long formal dresses for too long its time for some sun to hit her skin. Mary was ready to change for the new world so today was shopping day
  • Well these changes have been making these women very bold lately. I mean seriously who let's a Dumb Dora vote and work. We shouldn't be reversing the roles here! men work women stay at home it's so
  • oh so you really think that way about women and working well this date was a Flat Tire.
  • listen john your a Hard Boiled guy and are very keen but I don't like the way you talk about us women like that. This isn't the 1800's anymore. We should have all the rights as the men have and that is why I'm planning to get that job soon and work on my own will!
  • 2 and a half hours later mary has finished shopping and got a new haircut she can't believe what she sees is her. She looks around and sees every woman and how confident and beautiful they look and how slowly mary is regaining her confidence that society has bought down but she knows she is a strong independent woman.
  • well you don't look like a Moll. Are you sure that you would be able to keep up I mean no offence but look at yourself so small and fragile anything can break you.Plus i don't like women who go against my wishes
  • When marry was walking back she noticed someone familiar. It was the guy she bumped into yesterday. The man noticed her as well but didn't recognize her until she came closer to him. He was shocked but smiled right after. They exchanged names and he invited her to a coffee and she politely accepted as mary wanted to fall In love again and start all over with her life. They talked about their past and how John was a doctor and slowly they got to know each other.
  • what..? No i don't think that's great. I cant believe this
  • If you were my girl I would never let you work to hard.You would just stay home all day cleaning and cooking for me and wait for me to come home doesn't that sound Hotsy-Totsy
  • After getting to know each other john said Something unexpectedly. John began to discuss how he disagrees with how women can vote and work now. John seems to truly believe women should just stay at home like always taking care of the kids and the husband. Mary was surprised at john's attitude towards women's right
  • 1920's slang Flat Tire-A dull insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan
  • 1920 slang-Dumb Dora - A stupid female
  • 1920's slang Hard Boiled- a tough, strong guyKeen - Attractive or appealingMoll-A gangster's girl
  • John was surprised by marys answer as they thought they were having a good time. Mary then explains to her how she was planning to get a job as a Telephone Switchboard Operators. John seems surprised as she thought mary wasn't the type to be working and she looks fragile and small. Mary didn't take that as a compliment.
  • 1920's slang Swell-Wonderful. Also: a rich manHotsy-Totsy-pleasing
  • John continued to talk down on her and how if they were dating she would never have to work in her life again and she could stay home all day like a real lady should because he is the "Swell" man. Mary is left speechless and flashbacks of her mother telling her those words and her ex-fiancee saying shes a pushover. Mary was just picking herself up from the ground and to have some boy tell her what to do made mary extremely upset
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