Farming and Populism-Kailey Porter
Updated: 9/23/2018
Farming and Populism-Kailey Porter
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  • Hello, my name is Henry. My family and I are very poor our only income is farming.
  • Hello, I'm Marline. The only way we come provide for our family is by selling our crops.
  • I'm Charlie. It started to get to expensive to have our crops moved by the railroads. So we joined the Grange association. It helps us get more profit for our hard work.
  • I'm Joseph. My families land is being foreclosed because we lost too much money. The railroads are charging to too much and the need for supply and demand.
  • I'm Marie. To add onto what my son was saying is the Republicans won the election. So the Gold Standard threw our business for crops off. If the Populist Party would have one our land would still be ours!
  • This is a nice life! I have everything I need. I'm so glad that the Republicans won. Having the Gold Standard has made our lives 100 times better. I'm so glad I'm not back living on a farm. I do feel a little bad for those peasants, but I would feel worse if they actually tried.
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