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Updated: 9/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • " Finally I can feel a relief from this stress!"
  • " OH NO! She set bombs before I captured her!"
  • " I haven't felt this at peace for as long as I can remember!"
  • After Cherrie caught Lucy she's now using this as an opportunity to finally let go of the sadness over her brother. Cherrie is trying to keep her feelings how they are at this moment. She likes how this is a change into happiness and she can feel a relief after all this time of sorrow.
  • " If you had just told me you needed a friend so much damage wouldn't have been done and you'd be happier."
  • " I'd very much like to be your friend since I've seen the real you!"
  • As Cherrie is making her way home down from the mountain she discovers something horrible. While she caught Lucy as she was destroying Rushmore, damage still could happen to the mountain. Lucy had planted a bomb planning to blow up Mount Rushmore. Cherrie had to unwire the bomb to stop it and she had to do it quickly.
  • Cherrie goes back to her home and decides that she wants to be free from all of the tears. She keeps the memory of her loved brother and moves on to a new time.
  • Cherrie has become a new person but has talked to Lucy on the phone and realized that she just wanted attention. Lucy was a loner and wanted to act above and beyond to be seen. So in the end Cherrie became her super caring friend.