Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Wife and Husband Fight
  • Why do you always leave me for so long
  • I cant tell you, you will leave me and I'll be alone
  • Dark Secret Revealed
  • I'll tell you.... I'm a ware-wolf, the way I turn back is my cloth
  • God please help me he's a were-wolf, How do you turn back to normal?
  • I'm gonna steal his clothes so he can never come back!
  • Bisclavret Leaves/ Wife Steels Clothes
  • He will never come back!
  • The wife was sad, her husband( Bisclavret) leaves 3 days at a time. She never knows where he is, and she is begging to know. But Bisclavret fears if he tells her his dark secret he will indeed be all alone.
  • King spots Bisclavret
  • I will take you to my castle, I have got a great liking to you
  • Bisclavret is explaining to his wife that is dark secret is he is a were-wolf. Now she is plotting to steel his clothes, and make him never return!!
  • Wife/ New Huband comes sees the King
  • We have visitors!
  • I will kill you give me back my clothes
  • The wife steels his clothes, making him stay a wolf forever until the end of time!
  • The Fight for the Clothes
  • The king spots the sad Bisclavret, and takes him back to the palace. The king takes an extreme liking to this beast.
  • I will never turn human again, why did she take my clothes😢 😢
  • Bisclavret was enjoying his day, but his ex came to the canel enraging Bisclavret. He fuled with rage by the fact that she stole his clothes, and wants it back at this instant.
  • It's HIM!! MY EX. Run!
  • The were-wolf (Bisclavret) attacks his ex wife and secures his clothes back. Leaving her in a bloody mess.
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