Trig project
Updated: 2/11/2021
Trig project

Storyboard Text

  • This is Tom, he is getting out of bed in the morning. His dog Joy wants to jump on him. The angle is 20^ and the length is 15 what is his height? Round to the nearest tenth
  • Tan 20=x/1515tan 20=xx=5.5
  • While paying his own games at home Tom wants to see how high he can jump, if the angle is 30 and the length is 10 what is the height that he needs to jump? Round to the nearest foot.
  • Tan 30=x/1010 Tan 30=xx=6
  • As Tom looks out the window and see his dog is playing with its toy. The dog seems that it has thrown its toy up on its railing if the angle is 25 and the length is 5 what is the height for her to jump and get it? round to the nearest foot.
  • Tan 25=x/55 Tan 25=xx=2
  • Yesterday Tom was playing with his ball and got it stick in a tree. If Tom was to throw something at it and the angle was 50 and the length was 15 what is the height in which Tom needs to throw at the ball? Round to the nearest tenth.
  • Tan 50=x/1515Tan 50=xx=17.9
  • Tom is doing his laundry and the bottle of detergent is about to fall off the shelf if the angle is 40 and the length is 4 what is the height which he can grab it before it falls? Round to the nearest foot
  • Tan 40=x/44 Tan 40=x x=3
  • It has been a long day for tom he and his dog Joy go to bed.