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Updated: 12/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Battle of Gonzales
  • come and take it!!
  • Convention of 1836
  • We need freedom!!
  • The Alamo
  • This are fort!!
  • Texans found a cannon under a tree to defend themselves in the City of Gonzales. When the Mexican army under the leadership of Colonel Ugartechea ordered the surrender, the Texans open fire against the Mexican troops. Alarmaron Dickinson, waved the famous flag, Come and Take It.
  • Massacre of Goliad
  • Fire!!
  • This was one of the most important things that happened during the Texas revolution. This is when George Childress wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence in under 24 hours. Also when Texas was creating a government to protect there new country.Elected Sam Houston as Commander and Chief of the military. And David G. Burnet as president.
  • Runaway Scrape
  • Run WE have to tell the Texans
  • Santa Anna gives orders to attack the Alamo.When they attack they do it from all four sides first south wall then the rest William b. Travis was one of the first to die. After a 90 minute bloody battle the Alamo falls and no Texian is left alive but they did not go down with out a fight almost taking out 1000 Mexican forces. All the women and children with Susanna Dickinson were sent to tell about the Alamo.
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • We won!
  • Yes! It is over!!!
  • This was when Texian soilders were captured killed because Santa Anna did not want prisoners from Coleto Creek. This outraged the Texian soilders and they were determined to fight.
  • The Runaway Scrape was when all the anglo settlers ran towards the Sabine River. They were scared for their lives from Santa Anna. It took many months to get to the U.S. Some people died in the long journey. They burned down some of the settlements so that the Mexicans didn't get the supplies.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto was the final battlo of the Texas Revolution. It was an 18 minute battle ending with the Mexicans surrendering and signing a peace treaty. When the Texans ran to battle they shouted, "Remember the Alamo, remember Goliad." The Texans didn't find Santa Anna until they found some guy in peasent clothes, and the Mexicans started praising him.
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