checkpoint 1
Updated: 4/1/2021
checkpoint 1

Storyboard Text

  • Playstation is so fun to bad you don't have one
  • I wish I had a play-Station
  • Can you get me a playstation?
  • no but you can work for it
  • Thank you mom
  • Thank for helping me here go $50
  • The reason I was happy is one day I went to school and my friends at the lunch table were saying "That game that we played was so fun” and they were having a conversation that I could not join because I did not have a playstation
  • Here is your playstation
  • as the days went on I was begging my mom can she give me a PlayStation, she told me “I can't buy you one but you can buy your own''.
  • Thank you
  • Here is your playstation
  • When I heard my mom say that I was confused and I asked her can I help her work and she told me, yes and I was happy. As the weeks went on I was getting closer to having enough money to get a PlayStation
  • Playstation is so fun!!
  • .
  • the day it was my birthday I had enough money to get a PlayStation so I got one and I was so happy
  • I got one and I got to play with my friends all that's all I wanted.