Updated: 5/14/2020
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  • We can achieve that if we give women the same rights as a man because we are all humans.
  • How can we achieve gender equality worldwide?
  • What basic human rights do women still need?
  • Women want equal rights
  • Equal pay because men get paid more than women.
  • What changes would make it possible for women to have equal pay?
  • For that to happen we need the government to make that law and the jobs that pay men a lot need to lower how much they pay them so they can pay the women.
  • Well lots of women all around the world are kind of confused why men get more right than women,well us women's shouldn't be upset or mad that men have more rights because we know that we work hard in the past and so look at us know we are building skyscrapers,going to outer space, and having our own business so we know that we have lots of rights and we should be happy on what we got.
  • Why is an inequality problem for women?
  • homework
  • The third solution is to stop sexual harassment.
  • An example of a global inequality for women in another country called Russia and the reason why is that the woman get paid 26 percent lower than the man and that's like 7 percent.
  • Give an example of a global inequality for a women and it has to be somewhere outside of the U.S.
  • The second solution is stop racism
  • what three solution can we make women have free rights?
  • One solution is make woman have equal pay
  • How can we solve the problem in three steps?
  • 1.The first way is to have a bill because that how all laws begin.2.The second thing is that it must be approved by the U.S.House of Representatives,the U.S. Senate,and the President.3.Then let the government get a news channel,newspaper,etc.
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