han feizi
Updated: 2/10/2020
han feizi

Storyboard Description

he is describing his laws to the peoples

Storyboard Text

  • legalists club meeting
  • members only
  • I say we put a law system in place.
  • what's that han?
  • simple ping, ever since we formed ths club, we want people to feel scared of their actions, so will put these strict laws right now
  • how about we put them through an unfair trial
  • a major minor crime system will do the trick
  • death for the major ones and public discrase for minor crimes
  • throwing people out of china for their crimes, i like it.
  • your father would not aproove of this, prince han.
  • i'm only the prince of this state, and my dad only has twenty years left until he's eighty so we cant kill him off
  • good point grand dad
  • plus i would be put to death if i did it if we put all those rules in place.
  • the end