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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Here are some push and pull factors of coming to America,Three pull factors are there are jobs in America that many people need,There are also lots of property for sail in America that people could grow there crops on,One last reason immigrants wanted to come to america is because many people wanted to start a new life and they thought that moving to America would be a perfect opportunity.
  • Some challenges people faced while coming into america are the following When many immigrants came into america they had little money so they could not perches any land.Another thing that immigrants faced is getting to were they needed to go they didn't have cars and they couldn't walk with there luggage so this was a problem many immigrants faced
  • Some push factors are many people had to leave there country because of natural disasters, diseases,religious, racial,and political reasons ect ect
  • this is what the immigrants had to go through on the journey to America First they were only aloud to bring what they could carry so they had to leave a lot of there beloved belongings behind so they could carry the stuff that they absolutely needed.Then they had to walk a far way to go to the ship they were going to america on.Then when they were finally on the ship many lower class people had to ride in steerage at the bottom of the boat.while middle and upper class people got to stay in rooms and eat at a dinner.Then wunce people made the long haul all the way across the atlantic ocean. And then they arrived in new york city
  • Once people arrived into new york the upper and middle class people were quickly processed While lower class people had to wait in line for a very long time.Here is some of the things that people had to go through at ellis island.First they put there belongings in the baggage room.Then then they had to go up a giant set of stairs to the registry room were they waited in long lines.AFter they got through the line they were in the medical room were they got a six second test for any diseases. Then legal inspection room were they had to answer 29 questions that had to match a manifest then after that they were free to America.
  • WAHOO i'm so glad to be free in America.I guess that we should start are new lives in america.Ill go get farming supplies.You go get the horse from the shelter
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