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Act 2 scene 3 Enter Artemidorus
Updated: 5/20/2020
Act 2 scene 3 Enter Artemidorus
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Storyboard Description

A comic strip about how Artemidorus or Ari finds a note on his besties locker ( caesar) aka cassie and reads the warning given from somebody! Cassie will be picked on after school if he doesn't get this warning in time

Storyboard Text

  • Oi ,a note bruh! Yeah thats what ill warn cassie with ! Plus his locker is open
  • Alright so i just got to tell him what happened
  • writes*: Yo Caesar watch out for Brutus! And keep a hawk eye on your man Cassius too! Also, watch man, watch Cinna!
  • writes*:Theres lots more enemies to list so Cassie watch out for Trebonius hes not a bro anymore.. Also remember Cimber is not good either. Brutus dont like you man!!!!!? And had also messed up Caius!
  • WRITES: Your homie Ari
  • writes*: There only one mindset for them Cassie, and its to go against you boi! because we aren't immortal watch your back Cassie! You're being to comfortable you need to watch out. May be you be safe bruh.
  • Second thought if someone finds the note i wrote... nvm i need to wait for him to walk here...
  • I wish Cassie wont get bullied! If he chooses to read this maybe he can avoid it and if he doesn't.... it coukd continue?!
  • Ah bruh Ari its you! :)
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