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Updated: 3/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • As the three of them get back to the Buchanans', Tom sees that Daisy is home, and Nick was feeling sick and wanted to be alone at home. Tom calls for a taxi for Nick.
  • I ought to have dropped you in West Egg, Nick. I'll telephone for a taxi to take you home. While you're waiting, come in.
  • No, thanks. I'll wait outside.
  • As he walks toward the gate to wait for the taxi, Nick hears Gatsby call his name. Gatsby had been waiting in the bushes by the path.
  • Just standing here, old sport.
  • Nick!
  • What are you doing?
  • Gatsby explains what happened. Daisy was nervous after they left New York and wanted to drive, but lost her nerve and hit Myrtle as they drove away.
  • Well, I tried to swing the wheel--
  • Did you see any trouble on the road? Was she killed?
  • Yes, but of course I'll say I was. Daisy stepped on it. I tried to make her stop but I couldn't. She'll be all right tomorrow.
  • Yes. Her name was Wilson, her husband owns the garage. How the devil did it happen?
  • Was Daisy driving?
  • Gatsby expresses his concern about what might happen to Daisy if Tom found out that Daisy had been the one driving. After all, Myrtle was Tom's mistress - he might see a connection.
  • I don't trust him, old sport.
  • I'm just going to wait here, and if he tries any brutality she's going to turn the light out and on again.
  • You wait here. I'll see if there's any sign of a commotion.
  • He won't touch her, he's not thinking about her.
  • Daisy and Tom were sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table - they weren't happy, but they weren't unhappy either.
  • Nick reports back to Gatsby, who decides to stay and watch over the house. Nick walks away and leaves Gatsby standing in the moonlight, watching over nothing.
  • Is it all quiet up there?
  • I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport.
  • Yes, it's all quiet. You'd better come home and get some sleep.